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A Global Leader in manufacturing Calendered Rigid Vinyl


Process to Products

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Everything we do at Kappus Plastic Company, Inc., from process to products, quality is central to our business.

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As innovative leaders, we are delivering a uniquely sustainable solution to meet our consumer needs with recycled choices.

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Serving Industry

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Kappus Plastic Company, Inc., has had the pleasure and distinction of supplying Calendered Rigid Vinyl to a variety of end users.

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Kappus Plastic Company, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of calendered rigid vinyl. We excel in providing high quality calendered rigid vinyl sheets and rolls used in a myriad of applications. While the primary users of our material are plastic printing companies, we also have the privilege of providing material to customers who heat seal, thermoform, laminate, and press polish. Our material is used in end use applications, such as secure and non-secure cards, gift cards, entry cards, novelty items, information and promotional items, displays, and plaques, in addition to many other unique products.